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The Reason Why the Ball is in your court! and WHY?

Beach Tennis s the X Factor of Tennis. With all shots played on the volley, it is a hybrid of tennis, beach volleyball and badminton, with a splash of table tennis and squash. It is sure to excite any racquet or beach enthusiast.

Aside from the aerial aspect, the scoring system is the same as tennis. Then you bring in the net, (1.7m high) which is higher than a normal tennis net, so it is not a wham-bam thing, it is played more with finesse and skill.

With only have one serve,and live play off the let cord it will test be best reflexes. It is great on your joints and brings a real X factor to the table.

With a no advantage system in the points scoring, it increases pressure as once it gets to deuce, the next point wins.

Give it your best shot, your running out of excuses!

What are you waiting for?



Beach Tennis is a highly energised and addictive game that can be played by everyone! It is Great Fitness and FUN.

Beach Tennis demonstrates the reasons we play sport, for passion and fun!




How can beach tennis be played on the beach? Does the ball bounce?
It is easily impleented onto any beach. . Every ball is played on the volley, making it very fast and exciting,for all levels.

How hard a sport is it to pick up?
That's the beauty of it, even if you are an absolute hack with other racquet sports, I guarantee that within an hour you will be a local legend. This aspect entices most people to want to have another go. No experience is neccessary, however tennis, squash and badminton players will find they have the finesse and skill to play well.

Is there an International body?
Yes, International Federation of Beach Tennis, based in Ravenna, Italy. The Italians founded this awesome sport in the early ‘80’s.the I.T.F. (International Tennis Federation) recognised beach tennis as a sportand now play a pivotal role, as the developing body for the sport in Europe. Many countries have now formed their own bodies within the sport, and it is seen to be seen as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Australia had the first English written website, which in the early days allowed many to explore and discover the sport globally. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Is there a World Championship for beach tennis?
Yes, it is held in every year and is conducted in different Eurpean locations. Russia are the current World Champs, who would have thought, but the International bragging rights have only just started.

Is beach tennis being played all around the world? Yes, it is. Both in Northern and Southern hemispheres. Australia with it's northern and southern summers will definitely see it prosper.Through Beach Tennis Australia, the sport has been able to continue and gain traction year by year. As more begin to play, the more locations will open up and give the sport greater credibility. There is hope that one day Beach Tennis will become an OLYMPIC SPORT!

Live the dream with us and spread the love of Beach Tennis.

Who are the best players in the world?
The Itlaians reign supreme, but the world is coming. Brasil. Russiia, France and even the Aussies are keen to train towards the higher stage. Italy on home soil would be very hard to beat, as there is a legend around every corner, just waiitng for their chance.

How much does it differ from tennis?
Aside from the aerial aspect, the scoring system is the same as tennis. It can be said that beach tennis inspired the "FAST 4" format of tennis as the scoring system is the same. Then you bring in the net, which is higher than a normal net ( badminton height 1.70m). Beach tennis is not a wham-bam thing, it is played more with finesse and skill. You only have one-serve, so it is a no-fault system. You can always get a fair idea on how long a game will go for because there is no advantage system in the points scoring. Once it gets to deuce, the next point wins.

How high is the net? What is the size of the court?
1.7m high. same for men, women and kids. The whole court is 16m x 8m, same size as beach volleyball.

Do you play singles & Doubles & Mixed in beach tennis?
Yes, a great feature is that singles (4.5m x 16m) and doubles (16m x 16m)are played. In mixed doubles the man must serve underarm, and this is seen to take the power dynamic away form the man. So, it makes the mixed very competitive and fun for all.

What about the equipment, is it the same as tennis?
The racquets are made of fibreglass, carbon and graphite but have no strings. It’s a solid face. The balls are low compression balls. Racquets can vary in length and weight, similar to tennis. OH, and the MAPLEY made the first ever "PINK" racquet, afterall pink is the new black!

Where can you play against the best players in Australia?
Every year we strive to host the annual Australian International Beach Tennis Championships in Melbourne, Australia in January. In past years we have hosted the top players from Italy, France and Portugal, Germany, South Africa, USA, New Zealand, over the last 6 years it has been running.