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2016/17 Partners

Beach Tennis Australia is far more than just leagues, tournaments and social events.  We offer a complete Events Management solution that organizes beach tennis events, and fun days nationwide, in any way you can imagine. 

We are involved with many other sporting organisations and bodies that will enable the sport to grow and establish vital links to take the sport to great heights, on both a local and national scale. It's more than a game! It's a way of life.

with over 10 years implementing and playing beach tennis we continue to improve and take it to the next level, making strong commitment within our communites, and to other sporting organisations. Beach tennis will surely see more particpants, crossing over and having fun with it. Our focus to incorporate more participation combined with competition, which will create active involvement, in multi sport events, and national championships. This inturn will see beach tennis gain some real traction and show its potential, as a sport of the future.

After many tours of duty to the World Championships in Italy, we are all fired up and focused looking toward bringing bigger and better things to the beaches of Australia. So far we have held 6 Australian International Beach Tennis Championships in mid January each year . Just before the Aussie Open, and what a success they are.  We welcome Master, Open, singles, doubles, mixed for men and women and a juniors event too. .  Every year poses to be yet another big one, click on the icons to find where it’s at, and how to go about it!

Competitions, social, mixed, coach & play and corporate will be a main feature and are set to unite communities on the beaches and sports area near you.

Beach Tennis Tournaments, Schools/Corporate Fun/ Team Building, Kids Parties, Festivals, School Fetes, Family Get togethers, Special events, you name it we'll find a way.

Why not do something new for your next event?
We can tailor a day for your specific needs and budget ensuring it is a fun and truly memorable experience for all.

Schools - Community and Activity Programs ‘A Priority'

Girls Sport Victoria - Year 7 Expo and Year 8 Ball Skill Development Program

School Holiday Programs - From 9 years and up we offer school holiday fun, next date is September school holidays '15. Ask us for more details. Program is designed for participation and FUN!

Upon the strength of last year’s summer, beach tennis has begun in schools of Australia. With some schools around the nation having the beach at their back door, the sport of beach tennis beckons its entry into your school sports program.

Although some schools may not have the luxury of sand at the backdoor, there are many solutions and ways beach tennis can be formatted and easily implemented into your school. What a great way to breathe energy and create an exciting new dynamic, that's a healthy, fun sports activity.

Beach Tennis Australia has developed and researched many ways; the sport can be added to the school program, with the utmost transparency and cost efficient method. Beach Tennis Australia is working with government departments in active sports programs to look at these cost effective ways to make beach tennis more accessible in this land poor, funding deprived environments.

Tennis Courts cost thousands of dollars and as our space become more and more sought after, the cost of set up increases.

With Beach Tennis all you need is the portable net system or fixed poles, a net and line system, balls and racquets. At a minimal cost of around $600, this will see you change the way kids have fun in the future. Having a portable system will see, you get more mobile.

Taking tennis to the beach, maximum participation and enhancing valuable hand-eye skills of developing children. Lighter racquets and low compression balls have been designed to realise the potential of our young.

Socially, it will bring together groups and classes that need not be age or gender restrictive.

Sessions can be skill based or age based and this will see more and more children enthusiastic about playing together. Beach Tennis can be seen as a "House Sport" within intra and inter-school competition, adding a variety and freshness never seen before.

With the ever increasing pressure on council to build new facilities, Beach Tennis on Sand, Grass and Indoor can realise better use of public space. e.g.: Parks, Beaches, and School Halls. This will inturn see more school excursions off-site or nearby the school. Rules and regulations have been formatted to cater for all surfaces and facilities, so let us help you build it.

Active After-School Programs will be well catered for by the potential of current service providers of multi-sport programs.

Challenged and disabled players are high on the agenda. From Paul’s personal experience there is nothing better than the smile on a face, after successfully making contact with a ball. Whether it is from a wheel-chair or intellectual disorder, they are going to love it. Let’s give them something to look forward to each day, week, year, and make a difference in their lives.

Equipment Deals for Schools have been constructed with the minimum purchase of 8 racquets. Discounts on nets, lines and other systems to implement the program successfully are also on offer. All your equipment needs are waiting for you!

Beach Tennis Australia provides a complete after sales service and customer liaison which is committed to all your needs.

Let’s get children playing more and let kids, be kids!!!

Paul Mapley
Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach

IFBT Beach Tennis Master
M: 0418 522008


When was the last time, you did something for the first time?

Looking for new ways of "Team Building”? Bringing departments and clients together in a very informal, fun environment.

Look no further!!

Beach Tennis is for you, too!!

Corporate Teambuilding / Fun dayss are very much a focus in the business world, for competitive athletes, recreational athletes and just about anyone. It's a great opportunity to meet and share experiences with work colleagues or clients. Beach tennis was adopted as an exhibition sport at the Australian Masters Games in Geelong 2009.

All businesses love to see their employees to work as a team, and come together on common ground as often as possible.

We can cater from 10- 150, Give us a call.


Beach tennis may be what you are looking for? A great way to get your brand out there or just for fun, to show what a great team you really are!

Let's talk about beach tennis, not everyone wants to talk about footy on Monday morning.

Beach Tennis is about creating a culture of having fun, developing and growing as an important part of the community and creates a fresh new approach to the way people view a sport.

No matter what standard you are, or even if you have never played, you'll love beach tennis. The rules and formats have been modified according what types of players take the court, so you can't hide any more at those work functions.

We look forward to you contacting us and organising a Beach Tennis day for your business.

Paul Mapley
M: 0418 522008


If your company or business is seeking a unique opportunity to become involved with an emerging new sport in Australasia, we would like to hear from you.

Beach Tennis Australia will be managing and co-ordinating events and programs nationally, that would provide opportunities for sponsors to showcase and gain awareness of their products and services.

The up and coming summer season will see a myriad of events, and opportunity to get involved in a range of options.

Social, Corporate and Local and International Tournaments.

The 7th Australian International Beach Tennis Championship, will be held in Melbourne in 2015, and it be awesome! We will have a great domestic field and a sprinkling of international players making their way to Melbourne. We are planning it NOW.

Events included are Masters, Juniors and Open events, for men, women, girls and boys!

Further Beach Tennis Events and Fun days are set to embrace the community further and feed off the interest that has been created from the three Australian Championships. The commitment of Beach Tennis Australia to all levels from Grassroots to Elite is paramount.


And much more...

Act NOW and call:
Paul Mapley
M: 0418 522008

This is the chance your brand or company has been waiting for. Grassroots and ground floor opportunity within the next big beach sport to arrive in Australia. Bring it On!