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Complete Function Hire
RACQUETS & EQUIPMENT ( Get a Quote Today for your Beach Tennis Solution)

Get your hands on the ‘Mapley’

'Mapley' have developed and designed graphite racquets specifically for beach tennis. 
It is the first and the original Australian Beach Tennis racquet.  Endorsed by the ITF./ I.F.B.T (International Federation of Beach Tennis) for play in Australia and Internationally.

Nets and balls also unique to the game have been produced.  Cost friendly and high quality which ensures your game is at its peak.

All racquets feature a high absorbent grip and a protective cover.   The cover has a strap which makes carrying your racquet to the beach easy.


Mapley ‘Wahine’
An Outstanding Performer. Sure to please the discerning Beach Tennis Enthusiast or Elite players.  The racquet of the player who wants it all. Pink in colour with outstanding graphics of a young Hawaiian girl, this is sure to please. Pink is the New Black
Very popular Worldwide!!! 1st Pink racket ever produced!!
It lighter construction than of the Sword, will give the player greater control and playability of the frame. At 46 cm, this little pocket rocket will be sure to improve your game. With vertical air flow system, the lighter frame enable you to push through those volleys on windier days.

Be sure to work the ball and your opponents more with this model.

Grip Size 4 3/8 in the old scale or size "3"and 290 grams in weight.


$90 per racquet + GST+ Postage & Handling; $25 for 2 racquets anywhere in Australia (except Northern Territory)
(delivery time 2-5 days, state and national)

(International 10-14 days)

Mapley ‘Kahuna’
Take your attiude to the court, The "Kahuna" is sure to give you what you want, when you need it. All Levels of player.

If you love Big Waves and hardcore conditions this is the one. It plays similar to the Sword, which has been a very popular model both here and overseas.

Its 300 gram and 46 cm long frame, is sure to respond when you need it most. As all the models have a great rebound and sweetspot, the Kahuna is no different. With its Vertical Airflow system, it will see greater control and manoeuvrability and combining beatufully with power and control.

Be sure to work the ball and your opponents more, also with this model.

Cost: $90 per racquet + GST+ Postage & Handling; $25 for 2 racquets anywhere in Australia (except Northern Territory)
(delivery time 2-5 days, local, state and national) (International 10-14 days)
Mapley Surfer

Mapley ‘
"The Original SURFER’

New to the Game and looking to get a Start?
Is the LONG BODY model of the Mapley range.  It is a high quality graphite/fibreglass construction, set to withhold any test. At 49cm the surfer is the longest model of all the range.  So if you are looking for the little bit extra in height, the surfer is for you. At 330grams it packs a mean punch.

SUPER SPECIAL START UP, it won't disappoint

4 for $200 plus GST and Shipping , Amazing value


Cost: $70 per racquet + GST+ Postage & Handling
(delivery time 2-5 days) (International 10-14 days)
Mapley Sword  

This model is for those seeking equal performance to the Surfer, but in a lighter, more manoeverable frame. Its 320 grams, larger head construction, and featuring a shorter handle.

The Sword is the racquet chosen by the Sandflies team

Its touch and control is sure to excite.

Cost: $90 per racquet + GST+ Postage & Handling; $25 for 2 racquets anywhere in Australia (except Northern Territory)
(delivery time 2-5 days) (International 10-14 days)
Mapley Sword  

Mapley ‘GROMMET’

Preffered Racquet of Mattheiu Coulet (France), winner of the Australian Open Doubles Championship
Will ensure the development and introduction of the new breed of player.

Designed for all levels, but as the name suggests, the "Grommet" or "Junior Surfer" adopts all the technology of other racquets, but in a lighter, more user friendly fashion. It can play at the highest level, and still hold its own!

It comes with a smaller L2 ( 4 1/4) handle, to assist technical and playability aspects of the younger user. Its, highly visual colouring and protective cover, make it a real statement for the new breed of Beach Tennis Player.

The Hottest thing on the sand, for the discerning Beach Tennis Player.

Cost: $80 per racquet + GST+ Postage & Handling; $25 for 2 racquets anywhere in Australia (except Northern Territory)
(delivery time 2-5 days) (International 10-14 days)


The Beach Tennis ball, to ensure the game is played at the highest level. TechnifibreStage 2 Court Approved ITF and Official Beach tennis Ball.

To be used at all levels of play, both competition and recreational. This low compression ball with its superior aerodynamic qualities, allows consistency and long life.

Its dual colouring of yellow and orange, allows high visibility in glare or overcast conditions. It also allows constant velocity to maintain the integrity of the game.

This ball can be used as an intermediate ball on land based courts, as its low bouncing qualities enable player to have greater preparation.

Cost: $12 per can of 3 + GST + Postage & Handling (delivery time 2-5 days) (International 10-14 days)
Mapley Lines

Mapley Nets
  Mapley Championship NETS
High Quality Heavy Weight Beach Tennis Net. Designed and produced in Australia, the beach tennis Australia Championship net, with its durable construction, will stand up to any test. A 45mm gauge net, with adjustable steel cable, has multi-purpose usage for Beach Tennis and Beach Volleyball. (be careful in using a beach volley ball net for beach tennis as it can be dangerous for players, as the beach tennis ball can fit very easily thru the beach volley ball net).

Can be attached to most Beach Volleyball mobile systems.

So now you need only one net for fun on the beach!

Championships Nets cost $220, plus GST, its great value.

Lightweight Competition Nets $140 plus GST (Steel Cable)

Nets are currently in stock.  Which makes delivery quick.

Cost: $140 or $220 + GST + Postage & Handling
(delivery time 2-5 days) (International 10-14 days)
  Championship Adjustable Strap for Permanent Posts
Can be attached to all beach volleyball permanent systems.  Using special adjustable tie downs/straps which can be purchased from Mapley (which includes hooks/clips/turnbuckle for permanent posts).  This system has been tested and proven to be the best in all weather conditions.
Cost: $25 + GST + Postage & Handling
(delivery time 2-5 days)
Mapley Lines
  Mapley Championship LINES
25mm webbing lines on winder (red only). Suitable for either beach or grass courts.

These lines are most suited for all play and are the official line for all tournaments and championship play.

Cost: $60 + GST + Postage & Handling
(delivery time 2-5 days)

Sand Anchors & Guy Ropes
(steel pegs not included)


Sand Anchors Cost: $30 + GST + Postage & Handling (delivery time 2-5 days)

Steel Pegs/Tent Pegs (for grass) Cost is $15 + GST + Postage & Handling (delivery time 2-5 days)


Beach Tennis Systems (mobile systems with out guy wires)
Lightweight Net.
4x Sand Anchors . pegs
Alloy Portable poles and post anchors
All hooks and Clips

Tensioner Straps for adjusting net to posts
Bag for everything

NB: Mapley Championship Nets available for Permanent Post Setups

$POA, Email Today!

Plus Postage & Handling

Domestic Shipping within Australia only

Get Yours Today. This is an amazing and unique system, you won't be diappointed, sets up in 8-10 mins!





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