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The 'Sandflies' is the official name of the Australian beach tennis team that train all year round, and are based in Port Melbourne. Some travel overseas and take on the rest of the world. Others choose play for this great sport for recreation and competition. And some just love practising to gain the best sand fitness you will ever experience!

As global events get bigger and bigger each year, more and more nations fancy their chances of becoming World Champs. The standard is high, but this will be an experience that will change your life!

It is an awesome experience to play for your country and a privilege.It definitley us ne that we all cherish and don't under rate.

The world is a better and smaller place thanks to Beach Tennis.

Do you want the chance to become a World Champion and have an experience of a lifetime?

Come on! Aussie’s and join ‘the sandflies’.

If you can imagine Davis Cup on the sand, then that's the World Champs in Italy. If you would like to be a part of an experience that will change your life email NOW

If you can imagine beauty by the sea and glorious sunsets, then that’s Reunion Island

If you can imagine fun in the sun, then that is Thailand.

Beach Tennis is HOT HOT HOT around the world, there are tournaments in San Diego, Portugal, Aruba, Bermuda, Germany, New York, Reunion Island, Brazil...look under International Championships for more details.


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Start playing Beach Tennis and become a Sandfly, get a Beach Pass TODAY!

Be part of the FUTURE! We're there!!


Henderson and O'Connor soar into top 8, at World Championships 2007  

  Congratulations to Mel Henderson and Belinda O'Connor who were Australia's representatives at the 7th World Championship of Beach Tennis in Marina Di Ravenna, 2007

An amazing and dedicated effort by the 2 girls, to cement their place in the top 8, A great achievement after attempts to lead them being led astray on shopping sprees in Milan and Ravenna, and in between lattes.

The girls are a prime example of what you can do with training and dedication and most of all keeping your eye on the ball!
Congratulations Australian Sandflies, you did your country proud!

World Championships 2006    

Aussies get podium finish at the World Championships in 2006 and look to become a force in the global world of beach tennis.

The mighty Aussie Sandflies have returned to Australia with their first piece of metal work, from the 6th World Championship in Ravenna, Italy. 4th place!