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2021/22 Partners

7th KIDS Beach Tennis Championship

( due to schedule January 2022 TBA)

Champions of TOMMORROW

Juniors ( All levels ) on Friday 10.00am till 2pm

Join in the pre event clinic and warmup with some of the best players in the country.

Come and have some fun and see the future, the Juniors at our next Aust Champs here in
Melbourne. It’s Live and Local!!

Port Melbourne Beach (Station Pier) - Waterfront Place, Port Melbourne
Tournament Directors: Paul Mapley / Kellie de Burgh


Please select the event(s) you would like to enter.

Entries close..............TBA for 2022

ENTRY FEE: $25 per day per person for juniors. Can enter 1 or 2 events

Please note:

  • Juniors: Need to be aged correctly for each event on the day of the event you are entering.  Ie if you are 14 on ...................., you will enter the 14 and under.
  • Players may Enter a maximum of 2 events on the day.
  • All Events are Double Elimination; all players must lose twice in their chosen event, or the tournament director reserves the right to amend the format.
  • Players entering doubles events without a partner will accept any partner allocated by the tournament Committee, by draw, please state your tennis ability or pennant experience.


Date Event Code Event Description Please Tick



BT12 Junior  Singles 12 and Under Boys and Girls
BT14 Junior Singles 14 and Under Boys and Girls
BTOJUNB Open Junior Singles Under 18 Boys
BTOJUNG Open Junior Singles Under 18 Girls
BTJ12D Junior 12 and Under Doubles
BTJ14D Junior 14 and Under Doubles
BTJODB Junior Open Doubles U/18 Boys
BTJODG Junior Open Doubles U/18 Girls
Singles and Doubles both on TBA
Number of Events entered at $20 per individual/ per a day:

Total Fees for Event:

Personal Details: *All fields are mandatory

First Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth: / /
Please Note: Junior players 14 under to be accompanied by parent/guardian.
State: Postcode:
In case of Emergency:
General Information:
Do you play Tennis?
Yes   No
Have you played Beach Tennis before?
Yes   No
What is your Level?
Beginner   Intermediate     Advanced
Doubles Partner if applicable  
Note: Separate entry form required for partner


Payment Information:

Payment must be received with 7 days of online registration. If payment has not been received your registration will become void.

Payment Options:
Cheques made payable to Beach Tennis Australia
P.O. Box 574,
Port Melbourne
VIC, Australia, 3207

I have read and agree to the Conditions of Entry.

Sanctioned by Beach Tennis Austrliia

Junior players 14 under to be accompanied by parent/guardian. Junior players 16 and under must have entry form signed by one of their parents (or guardian) for consent to follow conditions of entry.

  • The tournament is conducted within the rules of the game as governed by IFBT regulations adopted by Beach Tennis Australia, except as altered by these conditions.
  • The tournament committee shall have the entire management of the event and reserves the right to refuse entries without explanation, reduce the length of matches in the event of inclement weather or cancel events where insufficient entries are received. Some matches may be self umpired. Unless player requests their match to be umpired.
  • The IFBT Code of Conduct will apply to all events. View on Website. The committee reserves the right to disqualify any player whose conduct is deserving of such action.
  • In the event of a dispute, the decision of the tournament director is final.
  • Entry fees should accompany entries, which must be on the prescribed form and lodged with the Tournament Directors before ................2022. Tournament Directors have the right to close entries early.
  • Competitors are limited to 2 events per day, with double elimination or Round Robin.
  • Players entering doubles events without a partner will accept any partner allocated by the tournament committee. This condition does not impose any obligation on the committee to find a partner.
  • The tournament will commence on, Singles and Doubles on Friday...............2022. Registration by 8:30am. Matches commence 9 am unless otherwise directed by the committee. Entry fee, includes public liability insurance.
  • All competitors must be at the nominated courts to commence their match at the stated time, whatever the weather. Any competitor unable to commence a match when called upon to do so, may be disqualified and entry fee forfeited.
  • All Junior players must abide by the player Code of Conduct, on
  • Double matches will be a 7up Set, tiebreak at 6 all. Singles Matches will be a 6 up set, tiebreak at 5 all. Double elimination means that to be totally eliminated from the draw, your team must lose 2 matches. Elimination matches for Doubles will be played to 5 games and a tie-break at 4 all. Singles will be played to 5 games, tiebreak at 4 all. The tournament director reserves the right to format matches due to weather conditions or entry numbers, etc.
  • Draws will be on the website
  • Completion of this form gives the event organiser and promoters the authority to use the Player’s Image for promotional purposes - During and after the event, Beach Tennis Australia may use player's images to promote players connection to the Beach Tennis Australia and sponsors, in all publicity, promotions and marketing activities in any form of media whatsoever.
  • Use of Promotional material - Any promotional advertising and or other materials produced by Beach Tennis Australia or their sponsors bears the players image may be broadcast, displayed , reproduced, or used on an unlimited basis for promotional or other purposes withour Players's consent being necessary and without any payment to the Player